Sharing our direction…

This weekend we’ll be taking an opportunity to share about Openlife Ministries at a small church in Chichester.   It will be exciting to explain about what has been done, but more importantly share our dreams for what can be done!

Our desire is to see the church built up and expanding in Belgium.  In Italy we want to encourage and build local leadership so that the Kingdom is powerfully being expressed in that region. And in Burundi, to teach and equip pastors with the Good News, see the poor and needy loved and blessed, and release opportunities for people to move out of the extreme poverty that so many experience.

The other region that God has clearly shown us to focus on… the UK!  We were reminded of this very powerfully in November 2011 with a unique travel experience  and we are convinced that whatever we do across the other  nations need to be rooted in community here in England.

If you would like us to share about some of our amazing journey in your church, please contact us, we’d love to tell you more :)

Getting ready for Gaston Farm

mapMany of you who follow our posts are aware of the great work done on Gaston Farm.  It’s a brilliant family day out for anyone for starters, but in my opinion, it’s even more fun to volunteer and get stuck into the running of the place from behind the scenes…  all the effort goes to support worthy charitable causes like our own Burundi Project.   If you have some time you can give between 21st March – 19th April, I know they would really value your time, energy and support.  Jobs range from keeping the place clean, serving food, caring for animals, car parking and mostly helping people enjoy themselves!

There are volunteer training sessions on the farm this Saturday 14th March at 10 am & 2 pm.  Just turn up and you can register your availability on the day.  Alternatively, complete a volunteer application form (click here to download) an return as instructed to the farm asap.

We look forward to seeing you there… and joining us in making a difference!