Shave countdown… the razor is approaching!

So the time is getting near… the triple head shave (Angie, Lee and Me) in just…  well just CLICK HERE to see how long we’ve got left before we loose all our hair & I get to enjoy the delights of back waxing :O

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Economic developments in East Africa

I keep regular lookout for strategic information on the East Africa region, and knowing that Burundi is about to enter a year of elections (differing rounds from May through to August 2015) it is a crucial time for this developing economy.  So it is with a feeling of optimism that I saw the news that the EU has formed a comprehensive trade agreement with the EAC (East African Community)

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Back to Belgium

December visit

We’ve just booked the Euro Tunnel for our next trip to Belgium [Happy Dance!]

We love catching up with our Belgian friends and taking every opportunity to encourage them in the faith.  We hope to share more love & life with these guys in 2015 too.

If there are any others who have a heart for Belgium, why not connect with us and see what God could be doing through us together?

For fun, here’s some interesting Belgian Food & Drink facts :

  • There are over 800 kinds of beers made in Belgium.
  • Belgians consume in average 150 liters of beer per person per year.
  • The world’s first beer academy opened in Herk-de-Stad, in the Belgian province of Limburg, in 1999.
  • Jean Neuhaus invented the pralines chocolate in Brussels in 1912.
  • Belgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolate per year. This amounts to 22 kg of chocolate per inhabitant annually, i.e. 61 grammes per day on average.
  • The world’s biggest chocolate selling point is Brussels National Airport.
  • Belgians claim to have invented chips (French fries), and indeed about all towns and villages have their own friterie/frituur(chips seller).
  • There are 3 main sorts of Belgian waffles : Liege waffles (the most common), Brussels waffles (bigger, lighter, rectangular, and eaten with toppings such as strawberries or ice cream), and galettes (thinner, softer, and typically eaten for breakfast, sometimes with jam – nothing to do with French galettes from Little Brittany, which are a kind of pancake).
  • Belgium is renowned for its bakeries. Local specialities include cramique (bread cooked with egg yolks and raisins),cougnou (a speciality from Wallonia eaten mostly in winter), gozettes (turnovers) and tarts. The most typical tarts are cherry tart, plum tart, apple tart, sugar tart, and especially rice tart (originally from Verviers, near Liege).
  • Belgium has one of the lowest proportion of McDonald’s restaurants per inhabitant in the developed world, with only 0.062 per 10,000 people, or 7x less than the USA, 4x less than Japan, and twice less than France or Germany.