It’s not what it seems….

On Friday I left the employment of Global Herbs Ltd… many people have expressed their concerns and sadness at the loss of work etc. BUT.. this is our time! Larisa & I are ready for something completely new and effective. It’s not what it seems :)

Close shave coming…

So… here’s the thing… My sister, Angie Thomas has been an amazing champion for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund since our Dad died from this silent killer disease. She’s jumped out of a plane, twice, and been really creative in raising funds in other ways. Last year she declared ‘I’m going to shave my head to raise more for this great cause… and I said… Me Too!” As a top hair stylist she has more to loose than me, literally  but if my head being bald will raise a few more quid to save others from the struggle we saw our Dad go through then I’m in… it’s early days, but if you are up for donating it would mean a lot to us both.

Please click the link HERE and help us reach our target 

Great timing

Funny how God is one step ahead of us isn’t it? (Well actually more than one step!!)  but you know what I mean.   We took a decision to back off, slow down, release pressure….rest.  And then I find my blood pressure is through the roof :/  But we’d already been obedient in taking time out, so there was nothing to worry about… plenty of time to rest & refresh.  I certainly have learnt from last year.  In 2013 we just took on way too much… and did not delegate enough.  Lesson learned & 2014 brings us to the place described in this site.   Peace.  Love.  Rest…  it’s a good place & we’re not going back to the overstretched, stressed (even though I didn’t know it), dangerous place we were in before. :)    Just time to listen, wait, hear and be in His presence. 

Rest and a new direction…

It’s half a year since we’ve posted anything here… primarily as we have been so busy!  But not any more.  We are backing off from so much ‘doing’ and spending a bit more time ‘being’.     Some could call it a sabbatical…. something we have never done, but it’s needed right now.  Time for rest.  Time for family.  Then time for something new….  have a little look what we’ll be doing after the break:

Click here to view

And if you’d like to listen to what we said to Yapton Free Church last weekend about this change, go to the following link to the YFC Media page & find the recording ‘Change is here to stay':


Filling in…

We have a busy life as leaders in Yapton Free Church, but now & again it goes up a notch… like this next couple of weeks, while Hugo & Hanneke are in Mongolia, we are leading many of the meetings etc. We are also in the process of re-launching the homegroup network with a fresh vision after 5 weeks of teaching and looking forward to an exciting year ahead.