Burundi… it’s time to plan

We are now into the stage were we are looking to pull at the good ideas into action.  With our friends in Burundi we are now looking to finalise the dates and  make this happen!  It is important to do this as soon as we can as 2015 is an election year in Burundi and while the country has seen a relatively low amount of problems recently. It was only a few years ago that they emerged from 15 years of bloody civil war…  we have to be wise.

We have put some basic costings and plans into a one page document here: Burundi planning doc 1 , so that you can get a sense of what we are aiming at.

Burundi fireThe business loans are aimed at the ongoing task of rebuilding lives after the massive market fire last year that destroyed thousands of businesses in one day.   The second poorest nation on the planet does not find it easy to recover from an event like this – 70% of the countries food supply used to come through this market, so the impact has been far reaching.


In Steve’s last trip to Burundi he learnt about the kind of projects that can make a long term difference to whole communities at costs that, for us, would appear relatively small.

If you are able and willing, please partner with us as we bring Good News into broken lives in a very practical ways.  This along with teaching and support that will help our brothers & sisters keep their eyes focused on all that Jesus has done for them.  Prayer support is key :  please re-visit this site for updates and on our Facebook Page

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Thank you

Steve & Larisa 

P.S. If you’ve click through to the post, yes the pic at the top is a church in Burundi.  They were trying to create a building nearby, but did not have the resources to finish it when I was last there.

Economic developments in East Africa

I keep regular lookout for strategic information on the East Africa region, and knowing that Burundi is about to enter a year of elections (differing rounds from May through to August 2015) it is a crucial time for this developing economy.  So it is with a feeling of optimism that I saw the news that the EU has formed a comprehensive trade agreement with the EAC (East African Community)

More details here