Burundi here we come!

Burundi banner #1The flights are booked and visa’s applied for… it’s a happening thing :)

We’re so blessed to have people around us to stay in our home and look after things so we can be released for this trip. We are leaving the UK on 19th February and return on 3rd March.  We are looking forward to some amazing opportunities and returning to share all the good things that will have happened – especially with the fantastic team at Gaston Farm.

If you are able to help us bless these people, we are hoping to set up some long term support and loans while we are there… and every pound makes a huge difference.

Let me share a quick story with you….

On my last trip to Burundi we were in a 4×4 and ‘up country’ in quite a remote place… they don’t see many cars around there.  We turned a corner and clipped a plate that was on the floor. It belonged to an old woman and she was trying to sell the contents of the plate to survive… there was just a little corn on it, but that had now been scattered across the road due to our accident.  The local villagers immediately cried out and we stopped to see what had happened.  I talked with my guide and offered her a 200 Burundian Franc note as compensation for her loss… I know that was more than she would have got for the grain, so I hoped she would be happy with that.  I was surprised at her response… this old lady began to cry, saying she had never held a real note of this value in her life!

How much was the note worth in GBP £’s ?  ….about 15p   That’s right.  Just fifteen pence was a life changing moment.

We don’t understand hunger or poverty until we live it, but what we can do is give what we think is a small amount in our culture, that will make a huge difference to those that REALLY need it!

If you want to make a donation where you know 100% will go direct to the needs…

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