Compassion and love flowing

Here in Burundi we are having amazing opportunities to connect with communities, share the word and our love. There have been moments of pure joy and other of brokenness as we feel compassion for the poor and needy.
We are already looking forward to sharing this stuff with our friends back in the UK and posting many more photos and video clips on our return… There are few tasters on our FB page.
Please keep praying for us as we take on a busy schedule here :)


Steve & Larisa

One day to go

Outdoor classroom

Outdoor classroom

The bags are filling up, passports at the ready, US Dollars have arrived…  excited for what the next couple of weeks is going to bring.    Spent quite a while on ‘WhatsApp’ last night to my key contact in Bujumbura…  tied up a few loose ends and we are ready to go!

More of the schools in Burundi are using & learning English than ever before and we are visiting a school while we are there. The schools are very limited in their resources have little or no budget. To buy a simple French/English dictionary in Burundi cost £25.00  in the UK it cost me about £8.00…. That £25.00 is like 6 or 7 weeks wages to many people in Burundi!  So I bought 5 on Amazon last night to take with us, even with the super fast delivery cost to get them to us before we go, it only came to £38.00.   It is so frustrating that the costs are that high in a place that is currently struggling to find the means to change… join us in making a difference.

You could even sponsor a dictionary:  Donate_Button_Transparent3[1]