Economic developments in East Africa

I keep regular lookout for strategic information on the East Africa region, and knowing that Burundi is about to enter a year of elections (differing rounds from May through to August 2015) it is a crucial time for this developing economy.  So it is with a feeling of optimism that I saw the news that the EU has formed a comprehensive trade agreement with the EAC (East African Community)

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Burundi plans

We are planning for another trip to Burundi in the first quarter of 2015.  We are discussing with our connections about the best timing and content for this trip, but we are hopeful for an excellent time of support, teaching and ministry again.  This time Larisa is coming with Steve so there’s another level of preparation for Larisa’s first visit to the African continent.  Please partner with us with prayer, and if you are led to, donate.  We can make a huge difference with your support..  just consider these facts:

We have already seen £1500 raised through Gaston Farm to take with us. According to the latest UN statistics the average income in Burundi in 2013 was £166 per year. That makes it the second poorest nation on the planet at the time of writing.  In the UK, average income is now at £26,500 per year. That’s quite a difference… It will make £1500 the equivalent of approx £238,500…. I think we can do something useful with that and any further donations will only serve to increase the blessing we can bring to targeted projects that we can directly support.  All the money from every donation goes directly to our linked projects.

If you believe it is right to help us to serve in this way, please click the donation button below or contact us  directly.  Thank you.