A call to Go West !!

Kings-Church-Logoblock-fina[1]No it’s not about the 80’s pop band!

After two weekends of meetings, discussions and blessing… we are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the new pastors of Kings Church in Wellington, Somerset.

We are working out timescales with the trustees in the next few days, but with the house sale already progressing nicely, we should be on the move pretty soon.

So Kings Church is a small but active gathering of people who have a reputation of making a positive change in the community they serve. We are really looking forward to engaging with them and adding the ‘Jenkins’ flavour to the mix.

We will keep you posted on developments, but until then we invite you to celebrate with us!!

Let your Yes be Yes…

yes-no-buttons[1]and your No be No!

There are times when we hedge our bets, keep the metaphorical cards close to our chest and try to keep options open….  just in case.  Today this mindset would be tempting.  However, having been invited to speak on the 21st June in Wellington, the job we have applied for is not ours yet.  In fact I am very aware that there is another couple shortlisted who must be equally excited about the possibility of sharing in the ministry with the lovely people at ‘Kings’.   The reason the bible speaks of being clear with our Yes and No is that every time we say one we exclude the other…  for example, when I said Yes to Larisa on 19th August 1989 as a 23yr old lad, I was saying No to any intimate relationship with every other women on the planet.

Saying yes to something is powerful.

And so is No.

It is funny that after grafting at setting up our web & design business after redundancy last year and just about keeping afloat, that at this point, when we are on the brink of a possible new season in ministry, that an opportunity of work comes along that will be very lucrative. This opportunity would commit us for months of well paid work and a long term relationship with a company that would bring regular repeat business…  so what’s the problem you say, go for it!

The problem is that our heart is ministry.  And with people of Wellington in mind, our YES is there… with them.

So even though there is no guarantee that the job is ours, we have said NO to the business in order that if & when the opportunity to move to Wellington comes, we can say YES to them.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

(Hebrews 11:1 The Bible)


Burundi challenges…

  Life on the streets of Bujumbura were never easy, but as I write scenes like this are rare. Many (well over 100,000) have already fled the country. Many more would like to, but do not have the means, so are staying in their homes to avoid getting shot.  Few can work normally in the city, so wages are not earned and therefore they cannot buy food and are starving.

This is not a good place that is already the second poorest nation on the planet (source UN) and the hungriest in the world (source World Health Organisation)

We have supported a few to escape, especially those with young families that need support.  With others we are trying to help to get money to the right places so they can feed their families. It is not easy with many communication channels destroyed or limited, but we are doing well so far make it work.

If you would like to join the support, you can donate at: http://give.net/Burundi

Thank you.